Pimp your shirt (:

Hi everyone!

For the ones who like to be creative, check out this blog: A Beautiful Mess. Here Jill of Jule is explaining how to get a nice quote on your T-shirt with bleach ;)

I just tried to bleach a shirt with a quote, and it works! It really is a lot of fun :)

I’ll explain it in 5 short steps:

1. Collect some bleach in a cup, a sheet of carton, a(n old) paintbrush and ofcourse: a T-shirt or another item of clothing.

2. Search for a cute quote. Maybe a quote that means a lot to you, or just a funny one (:

3. Put the sheet of carton inside your T-shirt. This will make sure you don’t leak the bleach on the backside of the shirt.
4. With a white pencil you can write the quote down on the shirt, but this is not essential. You can also start writing the quote down with using the paintbrush in bleach.
5. To give your shirt the finishing touch: draw something, or add some other stuff to create an original T-shirt made by you :)

Remove the sheet and you’re done!

Good luck being creative!


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